Creating a Configurable Experience

Expanding and improving their customer acisition flow to better align with their mission of empowering users to make informed decisions.
November 20, 2023

Project Overview

With promising initial traction garnered from their Minimum Viable Product (MVP), InsurePro aims to sustain its momentum through strategic feature development aligned with its core mission statement: empowering users to make informed decisions. Despite their progress, the company encountered significant drop-off points within the user journey, resulting in a notable hindrance to their lead-to-sale conversion rate, which currently stands at 8%.

Enhance InsurePro's user journey to minimize drop-off points, consequently boosting the lead-to-sale conversion rate, while expanding their product offerings to better align with their mission of empowering users to make informed decisions


Utilizing data insights and direct customer feedback, we pinpointed and addressed the primary drop-off points within the user flow. We then conceptualized, mapped out, and implemented a customizable insurance modeling flow, empowering and educating the customer on their choices, thereby embedding InsurePro's mission statement directly into the customer experience.

lead-to-sale improved by 174.20%

New experience serviced 5,000 small business owners

Helped Insurepro realize $10M in sales

Configuring Their Insurance

Having grasped the confusion and pain points small business owners face when shopping for insurance. We sought to create an experience that empowers the business owner to make an informed and confident choice on the right policy.  In this new flow, as customers model their desired coverage and endorsements, we provide clear visibility into how these choices affect the price of their policy. We also highlight the availability of such plans across multiple insurance carriers.

Comparing Multiple Quotes

When comparing multiple plans, our objective was to present the key differences in an easily understandable, at-a-glance format. One of the most significant issues, as indicated by statistics, is that many small business owners have inadequate coverage. To address this issue and aid customers' understanding, we implemented an OCR that analyzes past policies sold and identifies specific exclusions for each job type, highlighting exclusions that carriers do not cover. Once the customer selects a quote, they have the ability to either chat with a licensed insurance agent to resolve any additional questions or directly purchase the coverage online.