Redesigning For The End User

Redesigning their work order management software to better cater to the needs of both the customer (property managers) as well as the end user (technicians).
August 26, 2022

Project Overview

When GetDone released their original product, it was created, designed, and tested for property managers (the customers). However, it was the end users (the technicians) who spent most of their time in the app, reviewing and completing work orders assigned to them. This realization led to a two-sided problem:

  • For property managers, the current layout and functionality made it difficult to search for, assign, and manage multiple work orders.
  • For technicians in the field, the current product wasn't mobile-friendly and catered poorly to their needs, leading to misuse and neglect in updating the software.

Create a dual-sided product, meeting the needs of both the customers (property managers & supervisors) and addressing the requirements of the end user (the technicians).


We identified pain points for both user sets and developed a two-sided product. This solution enables property managers to efficiently track and manage incoming work orders while providing technicians with a mobile-first interface that conveniently displays their workload and essential information about the issues they need to resolve.

Product expanded to 35 additional multi family properties

25% surge in technician productivity

250% increase in recurring user sessions

Mobile First Design

Our aim was to provide technicians with a mobile-friendly version of the app, allowing them to conveniently access their assigned work orders, quickly view essential information, and efficiently update or close work orders while in the field. Additionally, we integrated a machine learning model that assesses their list of assigned work orders, prioritizing and reordering them based on factors such as priority, location, and the time the work order was created.

Streamlined Management

In this redesign, we replaced the previous swim lane layout with a more comprehensive table, providing users with additional information about each work order and its current status. Furthermore, we empowered users with the ability to multi-select multiple work orders, enabling them to make mass edits such as re-assigning them to another technician or adjusting their priority. This enhancement resolves what was previously a manual and tedious process, streamlining workflow efficiency.